With Picture Vocabulary you can vast your english vocabulary. Get new words from live update. Add your own words easily. Quiz and enjoy.
ŞehirBİL ile Türkiye'nin illerini bu harita üzerinde bilmeye çalışın. İsterseniz 10 il için isterseniz 81 ilin tamamı için mücadele edin.
Guess MEAF is an enjoyable puzzle game for midle east & african countries
Guess Europe is an amusing puzzle game for europe countries. You will test your europe geography while trying to be seen on the top score list
Learn states with Guess USA. Simply select the correct option among the state names that is highlighted on the USA map. Do not forget that that time is against you.
Flex Counter is a flexible counter that you can count any activity. You can see data with a graphical display time based. (today, last 7 days, this month and total)
日本の都道府県と都市の面白いパズルゲーム。 あなたは日本人の地理知識を他のプレイヤーにテストします With Guess Japan, you will test your Japanese geography knowledge against other players.